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Condominium Associations

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With 20 years experience in the industry, Kathy Mazzoni, provides much more than just a financial statement.  She is a trusted advisor.  Her extensive experience in the condominium industry allows her to meet the needs of your association. She can assist with a variety of accounting services from financial statements to budgeting to cash flow analysis. 

You have a major investment in where you live and you deserve to...

  • Work with an experienced professional who will not only prepare your financial statements but help you understand them.  Properly understanding your financial position will help the Association make more effective decisions.    These can include decisions about cash position, collection of receivables, financing, major project funding, etc. 

  • Have an auditor who will stay in close contact with board members and spend the time necessary to make sure all their questions are answered.  We have the experience and business acumen that allows us to provide meaningful presentations at board meetings.    

  • Receive a quality financial statement, personalized service and timely delivery at a competitive price.

  • Have timely and accurate preparation and delivery of your Association's tax return.

  • Proactive tax planning to identify key tax planning opportunities to minimize both current and future tax liabilities.  Staying current on new tax laws and monitoring any IRS activity including court cases.    

We also have experience in special projects including...

  • Reviewing annual budget.
  • Determining current and long-term cash flow needs by analyzing income and expenses.
  • Management company transition audits.
  • Reserve funding analysis.

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